For Parents

It's not easy as parents to have hard conversations with your child about relationships, sex or pregnancy.  Hopefully these articles can offer useful tips of how to respond or talk to your child. 

  • Purity: Teens may not understand how saving sex for marriage is beneficial to them.
  • Talking About Sex and Puberty: Biblically-sound insight and information to help parents teach healthy sexuality to their kids.
  • Teaching Children Healthy Sexuality: It has been said that "children learn what they live." This is particularly true when it comes to how we approach sex and the body.
  • She's Pregnant. Now What?: When your daughter breaks the news that she’s pregnant, try not to overreact. Your initial response will have a significant impact on your future relationship.
  • Silver Ring Thing: Our mission is to motivate, educate, support and transform generations of young people to embrace a lifestyle of Christ-centered sexual abstinence and purity until marriage. 

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