Know Your Options

You've got a problem. Well, maybe - that is if you are pregnant and you didn't want to be right now. Maybe that's how you're feeling today. You think a baby might change your life in a way that you didn't plan. Deciding what to do now about your pregnancy may be one of the hardest choices you’ll ever make.

Remember that a choice that seems easy may not be the best choice. Choosing to have an abortion, making an adoption plan, or parenting is life changing. Any one of these options will change your life forever. 

You have the right to know all of your options and any other information that might affect your decision, and you owe it to yourself to fully understand each option so you can make an informed decision. The Hope Clinic has specially trained peer coaches who will sit and talk with you in a private setting and caring environment about all of your options. It is important to take your time, ask all your questions, and think carefully about your decision. Only you can decide which option is right for you.

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