Pregnancy Tests & Options Counseling

Generally, your first visit to our center is to receive a free pregnancy test. You might be wondering what will happen during this visit.


  • First, you will be greeted warmly and welcomed to the clinic. We know that you might be scared and overwhelmed.
  • You will fill out paperwork that will remain confidential. No one outside of our clinic will know that you came in for a pregnancy test.  You can click this link to see a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices.
  • One of our trained client advocates will invite you back so that you can give a urine sample. Our tests are laboratory rated urine tests which means they are highly accurate and you will have the results within minutes.
  • Next you will answer a few questions with our advocate.
  • After the nurse performs the pregnancy test, she will come in to give you the results. She will also ask questions to gather a brief medical history.

If your pregnancy test is positive, your advocate will answer your questions regarding all of your options for pregnancy with factual information, emphasizing the value of scheduling a free limited ultrasound. You will have the opportunity to explore the pros and cons of all your options, take all the time needed, and learn about the comprehensive community network of resources available to you.

Pregnancy symptoms? We'll give you a FREE pregnancy test.

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