Written by: Trish Moser


Winter. It’s the season we all look forward to (mostly due to the holidays and pretty snow), and yet we all can hardly wait for it to be over (mostly due to the holidays and the slushy snow).

I have spent most of my years as parent in a love-hate relationship with Winter. While the holidays are so fun with my kids, they are also incredibly stressful and anxiety filled with my kids.

And there’s nothing like the magic of the new snow. Some people say they can even SMELL when snow is about to start. But as a mom or dad, you worry about getting to the babysitter or school safely with the snow and ice. And if school would be cancelled, then what will I do with these kids? And for many of us, the very real anxiety of paying for a babysitter so we can go to work is enough to get the tears started.

Listen parents, you’re not alone.

These feelings are normal.

I know that we hear constantly, “Enjoy these moments; they will be heading off to college before you know it!” People mean well, truly, but those words can be hard to hear when we are just trying to get through this season.

And then there is the part of winter that gets to a lot of Midwest parents each year. Some people call it dreariness, the winter blues, or mom brain, but I call it depression. It is a fact that the lack of Vitamin D (the lack of sunshine) can lead to depression. You aren’t crazy for feeling so on edge during the sunless days. You aren’t losing your mind, even though you aren’t sure why you can’t stop yelling at your kids. This is a thing.

If this is you, you’re not alone. If you’re feeling like you’re at the end of your rope today because THE ICE HATES SCHOOL, you’re not alone. If you love-hate relationship with Winter, you’re not alone!

Don’t let yourself feel guilty because you’re not enjoying every second with your kids. Let’s just get through this nasty winter together.

So, here’s to all you moms and dads fighting not just with your kids today, but FOR your kids today. You truly are my hero for sticking it out FOR them.

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