Unexpected Blessings

Unexpected Blessings

Written by: Lauretta Zurcher

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I guess I need to back up a bit and talk about home health care.  We had no prior experience with this organization, but were we ever glad to learn!  These medical professionals actually step into your home at all hours of the day or night and care for your loved one while you get some much needed respite.  For us it was the night – all night that we needed the most help.  In order for my husband to go to work each day, some sleep was required!  For me, it was healing sleep since I was still recovering from two major surgeries (and a few blood clots thrown in). 


Our insurance was great – provided full coverage for hospital expenses and medical needs.  It even made allowance for a certain number of home health visits.  I’ll never forget the first night a nurse came to our door around 10:30 – reporting for duty!!  Would you ever expect to usher a complete stranger into your home, show her how to use the TV, lead her through the kitchen pointing out snacks and the refrigerator…and then go to bed for the night!  Well, that’s exactly what we did – and gladly.  We slept well knowing the baby was in good hands and all our needs could be met!  Next morning we’d get a full report about feedings and heart rate drops, etc. before the nurse left.  It was a terrific arrangement.  BUT, as it happens, insurance would only pick up the cost of a limited number of home health care visits.  We were preparing for a crazy schedule and sleep depravation, when THE UNEXPECTED HAPPENEDAGAIN!


My husband’s grandmother was a dear, sweet widow with a heart of gold.  She knew all about our circumstances and pitched in – not as a nurse, but with financial support so that we could hire a nurse on our own!  We were so surprised and BLESSED by this generous offer.  How to find the right person to handle overnight care for our son was the next challenge.  But you know about how God works in mysterious ways?...We shouldn’t have been surprised because He had already been at work in our situation, time after time.


Amazingly, at just the right opportunity, one of the baby’s nurses from the hospital NICU began her service with home health care and became our baby’s nighttime caretaker!!!  We were so pleased to see her and often spent the first hour (or more likely kept her an hour longer in the morning) of her time just chatting and catching up.  One night she brought her little girl to “sleep over” on our couch!  Our relationship escalated beyond the professional one and we became family friends.  The future would find us visiting her home, getting to know her children, and keeping in touch with cards and photos.


Our little guy was thriving because God had a hand in all that happened – his birth, his medical team and caregivers, his family, his praying friends --- and more.  We once received a card addressed to him enclosed with a savings bond but no signature! ANGELS AMONGST US I suppose.  We were well on our way through this remarkable journey, but we were never alone!

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