The Dishes Won’t Wait

The Dishes Won’t Wait

Written by: Trish Moser


“The dishes will wait. Their childhood won’t.”

“Put down the laundry basket. Pick up your kids.”

“You can clean all day, but you won’t get to know your kids that way.”


I know you’ve heard quotes like these. And if you’re anything like me, they make you feel like a bad mom.

We do a great disservice to other parents when we intend to say something meaningful, but instead we say something laced with guilt.

So, let me argue the other side of these quotes for a hot minute.

There is no reason to feel guilty for choosing chores over kids.


While I agree that it is perfectly acceptable, and indeed a sacrifice, to put aside the house upkeep for our children, there needs to be some balance.

It is also perfectly acceptable, and indeed a sacrifice, to teach our children that they are not the boss of us, and that sometimes we must choose responsibility over playtime.

It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED by all adults that deal with your children on a regular basis that your kids learn they are not the most important person to ever walk this Earth.

I ask my kids on a weekly basis, “Are you the most important person in the world?” I want them to wake up from their own selfish desires that they were born with, and see those around them that they can serve.

When we decide to be role models for our kids, when we model this idea that the things our kids want are not the most important things in the world, we communicate a necessary message to our kids. We tell them, “As much as I would love to hang out with you right now, I have to make supper so everyone who lives in this house does not starve. We can try again for special time together after we eat.”

And yes, it is true that these moments with our kids are fleeting, but what if instead of spending those moments making them the center of the universe we spent those moments teaching them how to be good spouses and parents?

All of this guilt for either choosing your kids or your home/job/husband/book/whatever needs to be done.

Let’s all find some balance and just support each other.

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