The Dating Life

The Dating Life

Written by: Sarah Mihm


Having littles is rough. Having a child and having a husband, boyfriend or even in the dating world? Add that to the mix and my word what a lot on one plate!

People feel so pressured to do exciting things on dates or think they have to go places. My husband and I have learned that dates can be a frozen pizza on the floor while watching our favorite movie after the kids go to sleep. Or maybe having a bowl of ice cream at night sitting beside each other on the couch. If you are just now in the dating world and trying to feel someone out, make sure they are okay with dates like this and being around you and your children, rather than wanting you to go out all of the time.

When I had my first child and was a single mother, I had a few options of men coming around wanting to date. One of my biggest tie breakers was if someone would be comfortable just talking to me in my living room or sitting on my parents’ porch and talking. If they constantly tried to get me to go out, I didn’t want anything to do with them. I didn’t want someone who wanted to constantly go out. My number one focus was my son. I didn’t want someone who had a major night life and tried to get me to do the same. It would have just made me go backwards and relive a life I didn’t want to live anymore. Going out once in a blue moon may be nice, but make sure you find someone or you are with someone already who truly cares for you and your children.

My husband did not meet my son until our fourth date. He was a gentleman the first three dates so I felt that he deserved to finally meet my son. Don’t let a guy come in right away. Feel that person out. Your child is the most beautiful creation you have made- why show them to someone who isn’t deserving? If you get bad vibes from someone then obviously they don’t deserve to be around your kids!

When you do find someone good, wait until at least the fourth date or week four. Whichever comes LAST. Once you do that, have a date at home, with someone who doesn’t care if you sit in your pjs together in your house watching a chick flick eating candy and popcorn at 10pm holding hands. Those are the keepers you should have stick around.  Those are the real men out there! 

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