Structured Time

Structured Time

Written by: Sarah Mihm


Since my son has been in school I’ve noticed a huge change. He is maturing, creating amazing friendships and his mannerisms are improving! I’ve noticed on his days off he acts out but his teacher is a saint and constantly tells me he is doing awesome! I noticed a trend on his days off of preschool that he would go back to his temper tantrums.

Now don’t get me wrong...children often times unleash their anxieties and feelings on their parents because it is a safe place... but I still want to work on helping him grow into a gentleman. I’m not a perfect mom. In fact, I just hid in the laundry room for two minutes to have a quick breather after my son had a break down over what blanket he wanted. He would point at the blanket and then get mad if I gave it to him and wanted a different one. He also took my son Rudy’s sucker and threw it in the trash because he didn’t want my youngest to have it... even though he didn’t want it either. See? They are all like this, not just your child!

The twos and threes are insane!!! I’m just trying to stay afloat, like every other mother with these toddlers! I love when parents or people who aren’t parents yet say their kids will never act this way... I just can’t wait until their child has his first accident on the floor after ripping their diaper off and then running away while poop is down their leg!!

So, I asked his teacher what they do on a daily basis; I want to mimic what she does to see if a structured day will work better for him.  If you don’t have a child in school or daycare yet, it’s okay! There are plenty of schedules on Pinterest that you can look up. Children just work better with structure.

I myself haven’t started yet, but I’m hoping Monday is a great start date for us to begin. Until then I’m just trying to survive and that is okay! Some days you may follow a structured program and some days you are just happy with brushing your teeth and using the bathroom alone. It’s no secret.... we all know what I am talking about!

So, this week love on your kids and try following a routine. Let’s all work on this and stick it out together. Give it two weeks of your honest time and see if it makes a difference. Maybe it will help them... and also help us as parents! 

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