Spring Break: No Vacation Required

Spring Break: No Vacation Required

Written by: Trish Moser


It’s that time of year, you guys.

The time of year when it gets even harder to be on social media.

It’s the time of year when everyone is posting their Spring Break pictures on the beach, a cruise ship, hiking, or whatever that is not where we are.

Jealousy springs up with a vengeance this time of year!

Here in the Midwest I really crave that brand of Vitamin D that only the sun can give. I want it so bad, and it makes me grumpier thinking about how I don’t get it when a lot of other people do!

So, here’s what we are doing different this year.

First of all, I’m not feeling sorry for myself that I’m at home when my friends are in Florida on the beach. I’m really appreciating just being able to enjoy the break from school with my kids without worrying about packing for a vacation, boarding the dog, taking care of the mail while we’re gone, and all that other stuff that comes with vacation.

Secondly, I’m being proactive with my kids. I’m working hard to make sure that they know that, while it is their break from school, they are not the center of the universe.

To teach them that, I have spent my time this Spring teaching the finer things of Spring cleaning. That’s right; my kids are doing most of the Spring cleaning this year. Just yesterday, my eight-year-old son was using the steam mop on all our hard floors while my 4 and 7-year-old were cleaning all the windows.

Now, I know that it would be much easier and quicker for me to just do it myself, but I keep reminding myself that I am not raising children, I’m raising future husbands and wives.

With learning these new cleaning skills, they are also learning to prioritize the things going on in their lives. I have been telling them all the fun things I would like to do with them each day, but explaining that we can’t do them until our chores are done. This has helped them have MUCH better attitudes about cleaning!

Don’t hear me wrong, now! I am not turning my children into tiny slaves. I am cleaning right along with them. And we are also going on walks, going to the library, grocery shopping, watching movies together, folding laundry as a family, and basically just enjoying each other’s company.

So even though I have friends on the beach, cruise ships, and in the mountains of Colorado, I have two things this Spring Break that they don’t… a clean house and kids that appreciate their fun time more than they did before.

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