On Getting Things Done

On Getting Things Done

Written by: Trish Moser


Interruptions are not my favorite.

I take that back…

Anyone that would like to interrupt me while I’m doing the laundry or cleaning my bathrooms gets a prize.

But besides that, interruptions are not my favorite.

In fact, since I have sat down to write this to all of you, I have been interrupted at least a dozen times!

Being a parent and getting anything done is like raking in wind storm; when I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere, I turn around to see that all the dishes I just washed have been covered in finger paints. I am the first one to admit that I am a professional at letting an interruption ruin my day, so finger paints interrupting my checklist can send me right off the edge!

Sometimes in the midst of raising my tiny humans I forget that the point isn’t to get my list checked off, but to actually RAISE TINY HUMANS. What that means for me is that when the interruptions come, I should embrace them.

One of my interruptions while writing today was a sweet little boy wanting to play a game of Crocodile Dentist. That game literally takes 30 seconds. So I played a few rounds, and 3 minutes later I was back to work. It only took 3 minutes to express to that little guy that he is important, loved, and valued by simply playing with him. Those three minutes are worth the interruption.

It is so tempting to constantly be telling my people, “I need to get things done, so you need to go play.” There is certainly a time for that, but it is far more important that I show these little ones that I am willing to be interrupted for them.

I am an advocate for not having a child-centered home, so there obviously needs to be a balance. Please don’t read this and hear me saying that every time my kid hollers for me, I come running. In fact, if anyone is hollering for me I pretend that I’m deaf and I ignore said person until they come and talk to me like a decent human being. However, I do feel that all of us parents need to set aside our time and show our kids that they matter.

 If my friends came over to my house and needed to talk, I would not say, “Well I need to finish scrubbing the toilet so you’re going to have to go play for now.” I would put aside what I am doing and listen.

We have to remember that our kids deserve these same courtesies that we would show our friends. They deserve the respect and consideration that we want for ourselves. If we model it to them in these ways, I truly believe that they will begin to emulate the same qualities.

Set aside your list of things you want to get done today and play with your kids. Show them you love and value them by spending some quality time with them. Answer the endless “why” questions, play with the Barbies, and race the cars across the dining room floor. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

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