Just Laugh

Just Laugh

Written by: Katie Sprunger


Life gets busy. I get stressed. I get tired. I run this race of life—the eat, sleep, cook, and clean life of a momma and watch days spin into weeks and weeks years. It’s really all like a bunch of sand pouring through my fingers. The days are long and the years short, right? I feel it. I breathe it. I try to sort it. But, I can’t stop it.

            I look in the mirror some mornings and wonder who I am anymore. I was once a strong, and fit young lady. I’m now covered with stretch marks on my hips, stomach and sagging chest. I have dark circles that I’m forever grateful my makeup hides so well. The appearances of sunspots are visible on my hands and my arms. And goodness I’m getting A LOT of white hair. Not gray. WHITE!

            I’m not old or even middle aged by society’s standards. I am still young and vibrant. I am in the best years of my life. I know this. Yet, I walk through a lot of my days acting as though I am old. I act as though I have no life left in me. I forget to sip my coffee and soak the morning sun. I forget to open my eyes to the innocence of my children. I forget to enjoy fellowship, to drink deep my time with my friends and my family. And goodness I forget to laugh. To laugh wild and free. To laugh like my kids. To laugh with my kids. To just let lose and let laughter overflow in my spirit.

            You see, I’ve been pondering this lately. I recently shared with my husband that I feel like I do a good job with my kids and keeping this house going. I spend time investing in my children and enjoying them. But, I’ve recently been pondering my own spirit. Where is my free spirit that is willing to become a child again and to just laugh and play with my kids? I take my days way too seriously. I just want to let lose, stop the rat race of doing, and just be. Be present. Be purposeful. Be funny. And goodness just laugh! Laugh like crazy with my kids.

            Instead of feeling annoyed with them, stop and embrace the moments and laugh your head off with them. When they’re goofy, join the goof train with them. When something is silly, join the craziness!

            When is the last time you’ve just laughed? I need it, and so do you! Laughter really is medicine for the soul! So stop doing and just be a goof with your kids. Laugh with them. I wonder what will happen to you and me and our kids once we just become more like them! :)  LOL!

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