I’m Having a Moment

I'm Having a Moment

Written by: Trish Moser


I have had moments.

That’s what I call them. Moments.

They don’t really need any other explanation, but just in case you aren’t getting it yet, let me explain.

Moments are something that happens when mommy loses her mind. Moments are what happen when I hear a crazy lady yelling, and when I look around I realize that it’s me. Moments can result from just about anything. Whatever it is that tips my scale into Crazy Lady is the instigator to my moments.

My moments don’t happen super often, but I definitely have days (or weeks) where they happen more often than what is normal.

I was okay with the fact that I have moments, because all of us have them. Admit it! WE ALL DIP INTO CRAZY ONCE IN AWHILE!

I’m not proud of it, but there it is. You know my secret now.

So here’s how I figured out that my moments were happening a little too often- I was tucking my kids in for bed one night, and my Sunshine Girl innocently prayed, “Thank you for today and for the fun we have. Please help us to be good and help mommy not yell at us so much.”

My jaw dropped and my eyes filled with tears. I looked up at my husband, thinking that he would be shocked as well, but instead he was laughing. LAUGHING!

I kissed her sweet little head and went downstairs for a good cry. Was I really having moments so often that she was praying for my temper?

When my husband came down the stairs he reassured me that she has never prayed that before. I still felt like the worst mom in the world.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that my sweet four-year-old had taught me a valuable lesson. It was okay that I was having moments, but I needed to learn how to take a mommy timeout to calm down.

So I started something new. Now when I start to feel a moment coming on I tell my kids, “Mommy needs a time out.” I go in my room, shut the door, and turn on some uplifting music. That’s what works for me.

So what works for you? What do you need to do to avoid your moments? Not everyone has moments that look like mine. Maybe your moments look like mean words or withdrawing from the people you love. Whatever it looks like, remember that having moments aren’t necessarily bad, but how you deal with them can be.

Let’s not take our frustrations out on our kids. They are supposed to be difficult; they’re kids! Let’s find positive outlets to release our negative energy. Figure out what it takes, and treat yourself to some calm-down time.

You’ve got this!

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