I’m Breaking up with You

I'm Breaking up with You

Written by: Sarah Mihm


I have had so much fun with you. I couldn’t get enough of you and the people that were around while being with you.

I’m talking about partying.

Man, oh man did I have such a fun time going out with my friends and doing whatever I wanted: staying out late and not waking up until the afternoon, having no responsibilities and no care in the world. Was it fun? Heck ya! Was it the meaning of life? Not at all.

After I had my first son I yearned for that time again to be with my friends. I went out for the first time after he was born and it wasn’t the same. I realized it was different. I was a mother now. Was I going to pick up the right type of guy being at a place like this? Not exactly. I missed my son, my chest hurt from needing to pump and I didn’t fit into the right attire that I usually wore going out. I finally realized that I had broken up with partying. I rushed home early that night and laid by my son, so thankful I made it to him, and just sat and looked at him the entire night.

Sometimes I think about my previous life... but I realize I have way too much to risk so I’d rather spend my time doing more positive things. Do I want to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and risk not being there for my kids? No, I do not. You have to make sacrifices for your children. It wasn’t up to them to come into this world, and as a single mother I wanted to show my child a different way of life. I want him to look up to me. I want him to believe in me. I didn’t want to leave him with my parents and have them tend to my son because I wasn’t home yet. So, do you want to go back to that life and go out or do you want to be the safety net for your child when they wake up in the middle of the night and want their mom? As they look up and you connect eyes? It was a no brainer for me... 

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