Haircuts and Other Tedious Tasks

Haircuts and Other Tedious Tasks

Written by: Trish Moser


I hate cutting hair. I am 100% sure that cutting hair is not my calling. God bless all those that love it, because it drives me to madness! My husband and son seem to think that I am the only person that can cut their hair, so it falls to me. I don’t know what it is about this particular task, but I dread it.

This task feels tedious and unnecessary. I mean, we have our local barber just down the street! My husband and I actually had a rather ridiculous argument about this; me arguing that the $8 for a haircut is worth my sanity and him arguing that I’m ridiculous. He was right…again.

Haircuts fall into the same category for me as playing house (what does that even mean?!), Barbies (how many times can I really brush their hair?!), coloring, watching “shows” (I blame my friends for teaching my girls that), and drawing comics. I would much rather be reading books to my kids, making up stories with them, playing games, throwing the football, or teaching them a skill. Unfortunately, that’s not what they want, so I’m stuck with the Barbies and comics.

But here’s the thing…

While I hate the actual task of cutting their hair, I love the conversation that comes from it. My little guy is not a sharer, but for some reason when he sits in my chair and stares out the window he begins to open up. He tells me all about his friends at school, his insecurities and worries, and the things that make him laugh. It gives me an incredible opportunity to pour encouragement into him, and help him find his own self-worth.

I have learned to seize these opportunities and use them to create a safe space for my kids to share and open up. It’s a time and space that there is no judgement or correction from me, but only a listening ear.

I will cut his hair until the day he gets married (after which it is no longer my job, Praise The Lord!), if that means we keep getting to have these meaningful talks.

Each of us moms and dads have to figure out which environments invite our kids to be vulnerable. We have to find those safe spaces and claim them as our own. We have to set down our dust rags and hammers to make time for those spaces. We only get a short amount of time to speak into their precious lives, and I don’t want to look back and see that I missed it.

These kids were given to ME to raise, and I’m going to snag as many of these moments as I can.

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