Growing Child

Growing Child

Written by: A Hope Clinic client

“Growing Child” has impacted my life tremendously in a variety of ways.  These books are not only educational but also relatable.  Throughout reading “Growing Child”, I was able to connect with the informational content applying it to my life with my two children. 

A very important component of this book is that it breaks down children’s development of each month of their growth process.  In reading “Growing Child”, I was able to have a different perspective of why my child’s behavior differs as they mature, along with how their environment affects their life and character.  Being able to understand the primary changes at each stage of their life helps me to be able to establish efficient ways to help build their growth.  

It’s important to know what ways they are beginning to develop, and this book series is the perfect tool to guide you every step of the way.  For me it's an amazing, insightful book to read.  Piece by piece I gained knowledge of how my children are developing mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially.  In so many ways I can get clarity on how my children’s lives are changing.  I also get a sense of how they see the world from their perspective, which is important so that I am able to connect with them. 

Once you understand how and the explanation as to why they think the way they do, you’re able to have a better relationship with them- which ultimately impacts how you parent as well.  Having these books to guide me is placing building blocks in my life to achieve the parenting style I want.  I not only gain knowledge, but I gain a better communication, relationship, and bond with my children. 

Children are always growing, and “Growing Child” explains a lot of importance to the growing process without complicating things.  It’s very intellectually stimulating and easy to follow.  They make so it’s not too complex in medical or scientific terms which makes it so easy to understand.  I actually enjoy learning the many ways that children change and being able to see it in my children’s lives. 

A lot of people underestimate how smart kids are for their age and pick up on an abundance of things that we as parents never realized.  I absolutely recommend these books to parents, especially those who have multiple children whose ages differ from each other.  They will change your life positively in a lot of ways.  As a parent of two, I’m very glad I have “Growing Child” in my life. 

*If you are interested in receiving a copy of the Growing Child book and learning more about your child's development, please contact us.

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