Flexibility and Surrender

Flexibility and Surrender

Written by: Katie Sprunger


How do you respond when things do not go as you planned? I’m not much of a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of person. With kids, it is even harder. I like some structure with this parenting thing. It’s nice having some kind of routine. I strive for some control, but the reality is, each day is totally out of my control. I’ve had to learn these hard things called flexibility and surrender.

            How is it that I start each day with some kind of mental checklist to only get an hour into it and realize that checklist will never be completed? It can sometimes frustrate me to pieces. I WANT to accomplish what I WANT to do. Yet, these little beings that run through my house make it nearly impossible for me to simply brush my teeth and go to the bathroom alone each day.

            I’ve found myself so aggravated at times with the interruptions.  The spilled juice all over the kitchen chair and floor, the markers on the wall, the constant fighting between siblings, a baby who refuses his naps, and running out of toilet paper and loading 3 kids in the van to make a “quick” trip to Dollar General (that you know actually takes 30 minutes because the TP is all the way in the back of the tiny store that has stuff stacked everywhere in the aisles and 5 people in front of me at checkout where my kids have picked up and sniffed every single pack of gum possible!). All this can sometimes make me feel like I’m going crazy!

            So recently I’ve decided to embrace crazy. I’ve decided to go with the flow. Of course I have hopes for each day, but I’m learning to hold those loosely. You know, being a mom means A LOT. It means running a household that requires time and energy. However, most importantly, it means shaping the hearts of those living under your roof. You are the energy, the attitude, the grace, the love, the perspective, and the gentleness. You are the example to everyone in your home and you get to set the tone each day.

I don’t want to teach my children that the most important thing to me is what I accomplished each day. I want them to see that I wasn’t always so rigid that I could make cleaning spilt juice a “fun” learning moment. I want them to see that I always had time to care for people, not just a checklist. As hard as it is, I’m trying to just embrace moments of simply being. Embracing moments rather than a schedule.  As odd as it sounds, it’s been freeing. My husband would say I’m still too “routined.” I would agree. I need you free souls to give me some extra loving and advice. And if you’re anything like me, let’s choose moments over a checklist and embrace each day as it comes! Choose flexibility and surrender.

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