Exerting Energy

Exerting Energy

Written by: Sarah Mihm

Do you ever feel like, “When will this day end?” Your toddler is running around in circles poking at you, hitting you, throwing something at you or something else that is making you lose your mind?  You want to throw that iPad in their face, give them your phone, have them play a game or put on a movie? Don’t worry.... we all do it.

I couldn’t figure out why my son was starting to get agitated. He is three so I thought, “Oh no, the trying threes,” but I noticed that I was on my phone a lot more than usual. So, I’ve tried a different routine the last few weeks and have noticed a big difference. I have been setting up healthy play dates with others, going to the playground, or even setting my timer on my phone to make sure that I have play time on the ground and focus all of my energy on my three-year-old. It has made such a huge difference!

We as parents go day to day with our head in our phone, constantly looking at social media and not paying attention to our children. That is why they are acting out! If we just spend at least a little bit of uninterrupted time with them and also play outside with them so they can exert all of their energy, you will have a much better mama and child at the end of the day! I have bonded more with my children and it has been a lot of fun!  So, do me a favor and set your phone aside. Go outside. Nobody needs to contact you in that small amount of time. Take time out for you and your kids. You will be glad you did! 

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