End of School, Start of Summer

End of School, Start of Summer

Written by: Trish Moser


The end of the school year can bring about many different emotions, just like the beginning of the school year can.

I remember as a kid feeling nothing but excitement. Every year, I went into the last day hoping it would be like what I saw in the movies… you know trash and papers everywhere, kids throwing their textbooks out the window, and kids just basically going nuts. Of course, that never happened, but I loved to hope for it!

My son takes after me; he is ready for summer. He is excited to leave everything about school behind and take on the heat, the baseball diamond, and the high dive at the pool. He loves being done with all the school responsibilities and the lunch line.

My middle child is excited for summer, but grieves not seeing her teacher and her friends. They have become her bonus family over the last 180 days, and she is stressing about leaving them. Even though her teacher this year is also one of her teachers at church, she still has the awareness that her school family next year will be different, and she’s sad.

As a parent I’m seeing another side of things. By about March each year I start to crave the relaxed, slow days of summer. I am ready for the lack of routine, the empty calendar, and the barefoot walks through the neighborhood.

At the same time, I’m honestly a little nervous about surviving the summer. I know that sounds dramatic, but 2 ½ months with three kids under eight-years-old can make for some particularly long days.

I have spent the last week pumping myself up for this moment. The moment that summer begins…and I’m so ready. I’m ready to lay in the sun and read with my oldest…it’s the best because books crack him up, and I end up dying laughing as well. I’m looking forward to jumping on the trampoline with my middle child while she giggles and giggles. I’m anticipating my youngest begging for water balloon after water balloon, and I’ve got them stocked!

I love to spend my days getting things done and making sure my house is in order, but I have committed this summer to spend my time loving on them. I have decided to put down my laundry and remember to run, laugh, and be silly. I have prepared myself for the dirt, bubbles, water, and stickiness that all the best summers entail.

Make the most of these next summer months.

See you at the pool!

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