Cooking with Kids

Cooking with Kids

Written by: Trish Moser


Cooking With Kids? I’ll Pass.

I hate to cook with my kids… and that is a very unpopular statement to make.

I have seen so many articles, billboards, and ads that say I should cook with my kids…

“Cooking with your kids makes for better adults!”

“Cooking with kids teaches skills for life!”

“If you don’t cook with your kids then they will fall in a hole and live there forever!”

…Ok ok, you got me. I made that last one up.


Now hear me, I truly do believe that cooking with kids teaches them life skills and helps them be better rounded adults. However, I despise cooking. I can barely stand to cook by myself, so how in the world will I ever handle cooking with them?! My friend, Holly, loves to slave away at the stove for hours to just feed her family that will probably tell her something along the lines of, “This food tastes weird.” That’s not me. So my kids can cook with Holly.

What I do love to do is make crafts and read. Those are things that I can do with my kids. While those two skills might not keep them from starving, I 100% believe that simply spending quality time with my kids helps them to become better functioning humans.

When my kids were just wee babes, I would read to them whatever novel I was reading (No judging! They didn’t know what I was saying). As they got older, we read a lot of Mo Willems, and now we are really into Junie B. Jones and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. My kids even enjoy listening to audio books while we drive. Reading is important to me, and I wanted to pass that legacy to my kids. I wasn’t sure if they were really getting it, but then the other morning this happened…

It was 8:15 a.m., and we had just finished up breakfast. I told my kids that I was going to take my books outside to read, and my oldest 2 rascals jumped up from their seats and dashed away from me up the stairs. I was a little disappointed, but, eh…that’s life. By the time I had made my coffee, grabbed my books, and finally headed out to the back deck to read, those two were already sitting out there reading! It turned out they were just racing off to get some books to read, too. That definitely made my day.

When it comes to crafting, my girls definitely are more excited than my son. He’s the bookworm, they are the crafters. When they were little I would plan out crafts for the week based on what holidays were coming up, or what we were going to be doing. This made me so happy to do with them, and they seemed to enjoy it as well. These days I’m too busy for all that craft planning, but my girls are constantly asking me to make friendship bracelets, do chalk paint, and make posters with them. Just last night I was working on a project for work while my six-year-old stood next to the hot glue gun asking me a million questions…and it made my heart full.

While I don’t like to cook with my kids, I do like to spend time with them. We all need to figure out which activity it is that we love, and share it with our kids. They want that time with us, and I have come to find out that they don’t care too much what the activity is that we are doing; they just want to be with us.

I challenge you this week to set that time aside for your kids. Need some ideas? Here are just a few…

Sit on the couch with your kids (WITHOUT YOUR PHONE) and watch their favorite movie.

Get out chalk and make a bicycle race course in your driveway.

Get a can of RediWhip and see who can make the biggest tower of whip coming out of their mouth.

Play a game of ball tag (with a VERY soft ball because kids cry like babies…).

Make a list of things you find in nature, then walk around and do a nature scavenger hunt with your kids.

Take some old bread and feed the fish in the river.

Play “The Floor is Lava” with your kids (and make your husband play).

Grab a water gun and chase the kids with it. This is a favorite of my family!

You’ve got this!

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