Carry on Momma!

Carry on Momma

Written by Katie Sprunger


“Carry on momma! We can do hard things.” 

This is a quote that one of my dear friends uses quite often, and recently I’ve pondered it quite a bit. Two weeks ago, my baby girl (who really isn’t a baby anymore but goodness I still want to call her that) walked out my door and onto a school bus for the first time. A new season is upon our family. This is a new adjustment for our family encompassed by fun and hard new challenges.

            This quote has had me wondering about all of us moms out there and the wide variety of “hard” we face at this current time in our lives. Maybe you’re just so stinking tired and want nothing more than to sleep through the night. Maybe you’re feeling like all you do is discipline your toddler(s) all day long and just want to laugh instead of yell. Maybe you’re watching your elementary student struggle to make friends, adjust to school, or choosing to make bad decisions. Maybe your momma heart is lonely, sick, tired, and barely making it through each day.

            I’ve watched incredible older women in my life walk through divorce, lose their husbands, fight cancer, and yet make it through. I’ve seen them hurt for their teens and older children in their own hard seasons of life. I’m not always sure what it is about the grit of these women. How do they do it? How have they carried on and done the hard things, yet made it to the other side still standing?

I don’t know what your hard is right now. But I do know this—we aren’t meant to do this alone. It seems like some people’s hard is 10x worse than mine. I can sometimes feel like I am an idiot in the midst of whatever I’m facing because, in the grand scheme of it all, my hard is a joke. Yet, I know that it still doesn’t minimize the fact that we’re all walking through something (most likely) and need help carrying on!

No doubts about it, solid friendships are such a benefit in every season of life. However, the most important thing in my life as I mother is a personal relationship with the Lord. I’ve taken so many situations, worries, and concerns to Him. I’ve prayed relentlessly for my children and will continue as they age. I’m not trying to be all “spiritual” on you, but something supernatural happens when I choose to face the hard while gaining my strength from the Lord. It’s not always easy or the most natural, but His strength is always made perfect in my weakness!

So, I encourage you, sister, to carry on! Press in to the One who can enable you to do the hard things! You will make it through!

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