Being a Mom

Being a Mom

Written by: Haley Provost


What do you want to be when you grow up? This is the question we tend to ask children from a very young age. The same question continues as we get older, but then we add additional questions such as: What do you want to do after high school? Where do you want to go to college? What will be your future career?

As long as I can remember, my answer was, “I want to be a nurse.” My aunt had this little nurse’s uniform that I can remember playing in when I was a mere 4 years old. My siblings and I would play “hospital” together, but I was always the nurse. When I graduated nursing school, this same aunt wrapped up my grandma’s old nursing cap, nametag, and a pretend prescription note that I had written for one of my “patients” when I was 7 years old. This sweet gift touched my heart, and I couldn’t believe she had saved it all these years. I had big goals of what I wanted to do in my nursing career, including more than likely an advanced nursing degree such as teaching at the college level or the nurse practitioner track. I absolutely love being a nurse, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. But somewhere in the past 8 years, my mindset has changed. If someone asked me that same question today, I would answer “I want to be a mom.”

I adore being a mom. It is my favorite job in the entire world. It is also the toughest job I have ever had. As we were growing up, so much emphasis was placed on what career we would have, what job we would have, what we wanted to be. I don’t remember anyone ever telling me about the beauty or importance of being a mom.

I had always told myself that by the time I was 30 years old, I would begin pursuing an advanced nursing degree, whatever that may be. I remember when 30 came and went, I began to think I was failing my dreams. But the truth is, I didn’t WANT to do anything differently. I often feel pulled in two different directions as a working mother. This is not solely due to the insane demands and schedules we hold ourselves to these days, but mostly because of the inward struggle I have that being “just a mom” is not enough. I always felt like I needed another title. But the truth is, I believe motherhood is the single-most important job. It’s a career that we never get to retire from. It’s a 24-hour a day, full-time job that requires endless sacrifices with absolutely no monetary reward. But it’s also the job that made me believe in love at first sight. It’s the job that makes me yearn so desperately for a break but misses those kids as soon I get it. And it’s the job that has me watching them sleep with tear-filled eyes because I can’t imagine loving anyone more.

It’s okay to put emphasis on the motherhood role. Not only is it okay, it should be celebrated, and I will stress this importance to my own daughter as she grows up. Will I stop being a nurse? No way. But is it okay to move my job as Mom into the number 1 role? Yes. I am realizing every single day that these years with my young children are flying by…and I am going to soak in every single minute of it as my “number 1 job.”

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