Back to School

Back to School

Written by: Trish Moser


Already?!...or Finally!!

There are two common phrases that I have been hearing over the last couple of weeks.

“It’s back-to-school already?!”


“It’s finally back-to-school!”

Back-to-school time brings out many different emotions in people. Some parents are crying at the bus stop, some are feeling guilty for wishing away the early years, and some are popping open a new bottle of their favorite bubbly. I fall somewhere between the guilt and the mimosas.

I love my kids, I really do! However, I am so grateful for the routine and the sameness that the school year brings. I love being up at 6:30 to start the laundry and the coffee (two necessities!) before my kids get up. I love laying hands on them and praying each morning before they head to the bus. I love the school day with just my two tiniest humans at home. I love all of that.

However you feel about the new school year, don’t feel guilty about it. If you miss your kids, celebrate that. And if you are glad to have the routine back (which is a much nicer way to say that you might be glad for them to be gone all day) then rejoice over that. Whichever it may be, own it. Enjoy the time together as a family, and enjoy the times that we can have a break from one another. Loving someone does not mean that you must be together every moment! It also means setting the ones we love free to find out who they are.

I know that in the spring I’ll be craving summer laziness again. I know I’ll be ready to turn off the alarm clock and sleep until (gasp!) eight o’clock. I’ll be wanting the sunshine, the pool, and days with friends. I’ll revel in the rainy summer storms, and we will stay inside and read all day.

So today I’m going to enjoy this moment, this age, this day. Let’s agree that we are going to love our kids where they are, and in the phase they are in. While each new day brings new challenges, they also bring about new joys and fresh laughter. Let’s work together to not get so caught up in the challenges our kids bring that we forget what it means to be a kid. Let’s partake of the pleasures of childhood with our kids so that they might remember us for the fun times we had together, and not for our grouchy days. Here we go moms and dads…let’s take this school year to love our kids in a crazy way that they can’t help but admire.

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