A Series of Unexpected Events- The Pregnancy

A Series of Unexpected Events: The Pregnancy

Written by: Lauretta Zurcher


My pregnancy was a time of planning.  My husband and I considered names for our child, we debated how to decorate the nursery, and we began to consider the future with three children, two of whom were much older.  What we didn’t plan for were the unexpected events that led us down a very different path than my former pregnancies.

I was in my mid thirties with this pregnancy and knew it would be my last.  We were a very active family, and a new baby would certainly factor into how we would run our lives.  We could have never foreseen how the new baby would not just be a factor but consume all our lives.

Pregnant, working full time, and being wife and mom truly tired me out.  But I felt fine and tried to eat healthy.  I was not a smoker and had really cut back on caffeine.  Everything was going along fine until one morning just about into my 6th month when I awakened to discover I had been spotting. Neither of my other pregnancies had been eventful, so I didn’t panic but was a bit concerned.  We decided to call the doctor’s office and made an appointment. GOOD THING!

Upon examination, doctors recommended limited activity for the duration of my pregnancy.  I thought I’d be facing months of boredom, but another unexpected twist was set into motion.

Just a few days following my office visit and bed rest, I spotted more heavily.  I was admitted for evaluation and was told that undoubtedly my baby would come early.  The local clinic could provide all necessary care for me but doctors were concerned that the baby would need more advanced care.  We were transported to a major area hospital.  AGAIN, GOOD THING! But certainly very unexpected!

An ultrasound determined the baby was a boy and approximately 3 pounds!  He was quite large for his gestational age. Twenty-seven weeks is definitely too early for a baby to be delivered, so it was determined I should stay in the hospital where they could monitor both the baby and me until it was safe to go home.  Yep- another GOOD DECISION.

God has a way of taking care of things even when we can’t see where our path leads.  That was definitely my situation.  As I lay in my hospital bed, all I could think about was getting strong enough to go home to my other kids and husband.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that God had much different plans and completely unexpected events lay ahead for me (and my baby…and my family)!


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