A Series of Unexpected Events- The Delivery

A Series of Unexpected Events: The Delivery

Written by: Lauretta Zurcher


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I was resting relatively comfortably IF you can call having contractions and being confined to a hospital bed comfortable!  I was taken to Labor and Delivery when the contractions became more intense, but nothing was happening fast enough.  We were all anticipating a premature birth, but I was totally inexperienced as to what that could look like.


I remember he was wearing a white coat and a smile – the doctor, that is.  He stood beside my bed and told me about a drug I could take which would help the baby’s lungs perform more efficiently.  He explained that development of the lungs would be compromised due to the low birth weight and prematurity of my baby.  My husband and I felt somewhat ill at ease about this drug since there wasn’t much long-range research about it, but taking a chance with the baby’s lungs was risky.  We decided to think about it a bit more.  LITTLE DID WE KNOW THAT GOD WAS MAKING THE DECISION FOR US!  I did not realize at the time that in order for the drug to be effective, it had to be administered before “the water breaks.”


The night before delivery, I called my husband and spoke to my children at home.  Of course, the immediate future was unknown, but we had no idea how quickly that would change. The next step in this series of UNEXPECTEDS was about to unfold.


I must be a heavy sleeper because I didn’t realize what was happening until it was almost too late.  I had started hemorrhaging in the early morning hours – I mean, bed soaking blood loss.  Next thing I know I was being rolled down the hall at top speed.  Nurses didn’t try to change me, or the bed, but rushed me into the hands of an OB/GYN!  I was fading fast and remember hearing my blood pressure was something over zero.  Lights out after that!


My darling baby boy was delivered by C-section and immediately placed into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where he would be attended around the clock.   The drug had not been administered, and as expected the baby was on a ventilator.  He was holding his own!  Hooked up to monitors and machines, he could have been a baby astronaut!


This was my third C-section and unlike the other two, my body was not quite sure how to handle the trauma.  I remember hearing voices around me discussing my situation, but it was all sort of “other worldly.”  Finally, after being a “problem” for long enough, it was decided that I would need further surgery, so back I went into the OR.  I had lost a good deal of blood, and the only way to solve the situation was to undergo a hysterectomy – sort of ironic since I had just had my tubes tied during the C-section!  Oh, well….


Eventually I did get to see my little guy.  My hospital gurney was rolled into the NICU right next to his incubator.  I remember thinking he looked rather like a plucked chicken – legs tucked up under him, little shoulder blades sticking out, kind of fuzzy all over.  But you know what?  I fell deeply in love with that little “bird” and promised him we would pour all our energy into getting him healthy.  Thanking God that we were both alive was about all the energy I had left that day, but our journey had begun.

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